The Bride’s Coach is committed to helping today’s bride maintain her excitement--and sanity-- while planning her wedding.


The Bride’s Coach is like your therapist devoted to your wedding planning. She will help you navigate the inevitable challenges that a wedding entails: squabbling families, ever-increasing guest lists, wedding jitters, and pure overwhelm.

Hi, I'm Heather Cleary and I was a wedding planner for 35 years. I have seen it all when it comes to weddings -- the good and the bad. But the one thing I never saw was someone devoted to helping the bride actually ENJOY her engagement.

Your engagement should be filled with happy anticipation and fun. But planning a wedding is an enormous undertaking. Brides are pulled in every direction by everyone involved. You need an ally, someone on your side. That's what I do. 

Don’t dread wedding planning - meet with The Bride’s Coach so you can actually enjoy picking out flowers, sharing decisions with your love... and telling your bridesmaids to cool it.