Your engagement should be just as joy-filled as your wedding.

I help brides maintain excitement — and sanity — while planning their big day.


 The Bride’s Coach is like your therapist devoted to your wedding planning. She will help you navigate the inevitable challenges that a wedding entails: squabbling families, ever-increasing guest lists, wedding jitters, and pure overwhelm.

Learn more about my services and packages and how I can help you make this a great chapter in your life.


Plan your event with confidence knowing you have a trusted guide


Ensure everyone’s feelings are considered


Know that you have an ally and advocate every step of the way

Ready to Experience a Great Engagement?

Here’s what we’ll navigate as we work together



We clarify what you want and, more importantly, why you want it. This way, we know how to create the wedding you’ve dreamed of having, a reality.



Next, we talk about who is involved and whose feelings and ideas and opinions you are managing as you plan your wedding.



We come up with a customized process for your dream wedding that allows you to navigate everything along the way, including relationships, budgets, and expectations.


Let’s Work Together


Just Coaching

Set your foundations for the wedding of YOUR dreams with one to one coaching calls on Zoom that span a minimum of 3 months (9 sessions) and may extend throughout your engagement. This package not only institutes a process that keeps you on track with much more than the essentials of wedding planning, but makes the process custom to your needs. You are educated about and provided with all the paperwork necessary adjusted to accommodate your specific objectives that will adapt as your engagement progresses.  In addition to coaching sessions for wedding planning content, we will also explore all issues that cause you concern or strife along the way.  Communications and healthy boundaries enable you to always feel in control of your special day and your relationships.  You will always have access to me and feedback from me to facilitate your wedding related issues. Although you will schedule and go on your own appointments, you will never be without my professional guidance.

With You Every Step of the Way

Full wedding planning and management are the cornerstone of this service.  I work with you throughout your engagement until my team and I wave you good night at the end of your wedding.  I dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s.  I schedule, and together we attend, all of your appointments and even some that you may choose to skip!  In addition, I keep track of your entire process while leading you through the mechanics of wedding planning and helping you understand and resolve your stresses for a fabulously happy engagement. Like the coaching package, no detail that affects you is too small or large for my attention.  You feel very special, just as you should, during this special time in your life.

Day of Wedding Management

When your day arrives, you want to be certain that everything will be implemented exactly as you’ve planned it.  This can only happen if you have an advocate that knows and understands your expectations.  For this reason, my “day of” wedding management begins 1 month before your wedding date.  With my assistance, we get your last month and all its demands: schedules, lists and coordination in order. We make sure all your team knows what’s expected of them and follow through for a perfect wedding.  On your special day, we’ve helped you schedule your day from morning till night while all production needs are in place.  One of our wonderful, experienced operations managers will be on site to assist you and make sure your contracts are delivered as you anticipated. As your special night progresses without a flaw, your agent on site will be on hand to wave you adieu.

Meet the Coach


Hi, I’m Heather

I’ve been a wedding and event planner my whole career. I have seen it all when it comes to weddings -- the good and the bad. But the one thing I’ve never seen was someone devoted to helping the bride actually ENJOY her engagement.

Your engagement should be filled with happy anticipation and fun. But planning a wedding is an enormous undertaking. Brides are pulled in every direction by everyone involved. For that reason, you need an ally, someone on your side. That's what I do.

Don’t dread wedding planning - I’ll work with you so you can actually enjoy picking out flowers, sharing decisions with your love... and telling your bridesmaids to cool it.

Heather Cleary, the Bride's Coach

Heather Cleary, the Bride's Coach

What Others Have to Say 

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. How do I thank the person who helped make all of our dreams come true? I am tearing up just thinking back on that day and how magical it was. You gave us everything we wanted and everything we didn’t even know we needed. You held our hands when we needed to be led and you gave us a push when we needed to make a decision. You took away all of our stress and worries while giving us the peace of mind we needed to actually enjoy the process. Thank you for keeping our moms out of our hair and all of us sane. I think what was even sweeter was that we got all of this from someone we both call a friend. And, while it may not be near enough to adequately expressing how we truly feel, thank you.
— C&J G
Harris and I are so grateful you came into our lives- not only because of our wedding but more because of all we learned about ourselves and our families and about being adults as a result of working with you.

You certainly mastered every detail, brought a beauty and a style to the design of our wedding and made it more a reflection of us than I would have been able to predict. More than that, you guided us to keep perspective, enjoy the process and remember the important stuff.
— Gayle and Harris G.
Thank you for ensuring our wedding day was everything we dreamed of and more. We know and appreciate all of the preparation during and behind-the-scenes you took care of and we are forever grateful. We had the best day, truly the happiest bride and groom in no small part to your unconditional help and guidance.
— Nicole

You shouldn’t have to choose between having a wedding that you love and keeping everyone around you happy.


Your Engagement, As You Wish